the customer is always right

1917 B. PAIN Confessions of Alphonse iii. The great success of a restaurant is built up on this principle—le patron n’a jamais tort—the customer is always in the right!

1928 C. SANDBURG Good Morning, America 17 Behold the proverbs of a nation... Let one hand wash the other. The customer is always right.

1941 D. LODGE Death & Taxes ii. ‘I’m drunk.’.. ‘You shouldn’t do it, George.’ ‘Business,’ he said solemnly. ‘The customer is always right.’

1980 Times 30 Sept. 9 That the customer is always right is a theory attributed to John Wanamaker, the American retail prince who founded the stores which bear his name.

2001 Washington Times 3 Sept. A12 The old man wasn’t much on theory, but he understood value received, good will, repeat business, that the customer is always right and above all the importance of a trusted brand.

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